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How Jordan Wilson is Making American Millennial Interested in Politics!

Jordan Wilson has always had a passion for politics and public policy. She noticed a gap in the way American millennial voted and engaged in political conversations, so she decided to create a mobile app, the politickingapp,  to solve that problem. Politicking App is transforming the way Americans vote using real time data backed up with smart analysis. The goal of the app is increase civic engagement and educate more Americans about politics.

What was your aha moment behind the politicking app? The night of the 2016 presidential election. I should mention that my background in politics, as well as the 2016 presidential cycle itself, were filled with significant events leading up to the aha moment. The frustrated and apathetic attitudes I recognized from young people during the 2016 cycle were awfully similar to the sentiments I recalled from young people as a political canvasser in Gary, Indiana. I understood why young people felt absolutely shut out from the political process. Candidate platforms did not speak to the futures of young black and brown people directly. We were honestly not a priority for them. By the night of November 8, 2016, I couldn’t stand the idea of another major election occurring with young people feeling so powerless. That night was bittersweet in that such a disruptive outcome presented the perfect opportunity to create a solution for empowering voters.

You have always been interested in civic engagement and transforming your community, how was your first voting experience?I’m glad to say that my first-ever voting experience was during the 2012 Presidential election, in which Barack Obama was re-elected. I stood in line for almost 40 minutes to cast my vote. I’d later learn that poll organizers were working to manage machine malfunctions. This kind of issue is particularly threatening to an effective democracy. The fact that machine malfunctions remain a frequent issue on election day is not lost on me. I’m glad to say that I’m developing a technological platform (Politicking) that will likely innovate the process altogether.

Your career path has been rewarding and exciting! What advice do you have for younger women who want to pursue a career in politics? My best advice to young women pursuing politics is to commit to their most grand vision. There is plenty of room for innovation in politics so don’t hold back on thinking big. The complicated part about this is that there are not nearly enough “gatekeepers” in politics willing to ignite or support a new idea. Nevertheless, with absolute commitment and confidence, it will be very difficult to fail. If we’re keeping it honest, young women are the future of politics.  

How was your transition to entrepreneurship and tech? My transition into entrepreneurship and tech has been the most maturing and humbling experience of my life. My intellectual coming of age occurred in a field that is largely theoretical and open-ended (politics). In entrepreneurship and tech, a lot of our objectives are finite. No matter how incredible my vision for Politicking is, statistics have to prove it’s effectiveness. I embrace this sort of pressure and I’m excited to impact civic participation by delivering a technologically based-solution to voter apathy.

It’s common for young millennial women to feel stuck in their careers especially if they don’t necessarily feel passionate about their job. What’s one thing that they can focus on to find their purpose or passion?Focusing on your why will lead you to breakthrough moments in your career. You can only impart through seemingly daunting barriers if you stay true to your purpose.


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