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Guest Feature: Be Clear About Your Intention!

By Khuthalani Khumalo

Either wait.. Or Create..

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He was trying to help her to see that when your intention is not aligned with your desire, it can cause much frustration.

As a young adult, a close friend of mine was struggling to find work.. She was a qualified graphic designer, but she was the breadwinner and needed to ensure that her younger siblings were fed, clothed and educated; she felt compelled to find any job she could – even if this meant veering away from her qualification – just to earn an income.. She approached her uncle and asked for his advice, and he told her to ‘sit at home until she got the job she wanted or create it!!

She was confused by this because she had so many responsibilities; but after much frustration, she got to understand what her uncle meant. He was trying to help her to see that when your intention is not aligned with your desire, it can cause much frustration. Let me break it down for you like this: Your intention is powerful because it is linked directly with your soul which is the part of you that is referred to in the Bible as being “made in His image’’. He who created the heavens and the earth resides within you! Therefore, your intention is the seat of your soul where you create your reality and the subliminal broadcasting of your intention is what brings desire to life. Your intention when you do something determines the outcome. When your intention differs from your desired outcome, your intention will always trump desire, because the intention is stronger.

Therefore, having clarity on what your intention is, particularly as r elates to your career, is so important. When your desire is to earn an income by whatever means available but your intention is to be an artist, you will likely struggle to find work if it is not aligned with your intention. You may experience a ‘”start and stop’’ approach to finding employment which would leave you frustrated and confused because you appear to get close to getting a job, then at the last minute, the opportunity is taken away from you or  you may actually get that job but the mundane routine of it seems to kill your creative nature, and you continually find ways to sabotage yourself in this job!

The solution would therefore be to make sure that you are looking for the kind of income generating activities that can support your intention . Instead of looking for work at as a teller in a supermarket, you may need to rather look for work at an art gallery.

This applies to how you position yourself in the job market as well. I have received requests from graduates looking for work, who are so frustrated they will accept ‘ anything ’ – even though they are more qualified than I am.  When a graduate that has a formal qualification in a certain discipline positions themselves as ‘willing to do anything’’, it blurs the lines in the process of finding that dream job. A potential employer can smell the ‘desperation’’ and this could be off – putting because an employer wants a specialist and not just anyone  willing to do anything .

Therefore,  how you describe yourself – even on your social media platforms – needs to mirror your intention. If you are a qualified engineer, call yourself an engineer instead of job – seeker.. If you are a qualified PR specialist, call yourself a PR specialist instead of unemployed .

Yes, the job market is tough and in some professions, there are more graduates than there are jobs. However,  you put out mixed messages to potential employers when your intention is not aligned with your desired outcome. No one said it would be easy, so have the courage to hold out for what you want, and if it isn’t an option in your situation (where rent and other expenses are due) – create it. A close friend was struggling to find work as a teacher. She was qualified and experienced. She had some space at home and converted it into a classroom and started offering remedial lessons. She now has a small school that she runs from home. She created a job that suited her, it  wasn’t easy but she stuck it out (for years) and it has worked!

Are you a qualified chef? Find a way to earn an income from cooking from home like catering weddings or local school events. Do you have a business degree? Find a taxi – owner close to you and negotiate a good deal that will allow you to earn a daily income from washing his or her fleet of taxis and then grow that business and spill over to more taxi – owners.

I am a mother – of – one who prefers to work alone.I have several creative talents and abilities that I chose to explore as income generators. I have therefore created a job for myself as a consultant that allows me to have the flexibility to leverage all my talents and abilities and still be an active and present mother (which is a major priority for me). This hasn’t been easy. And it’s also got its risks yet I am deeply fulfilled because I have put myself exactly where I want to be – which is in line to receive what it is that I want the most..

So I encourage you, university – graduate / college diploma – holder / matriculant, create what you want, call yourself what you want others to call you. Be specific about the work you want to do and watch as it comes to you – because it will, if your intention is aligned with your desire!

About Khuthalani: Khuthalani Khumalo is a slasher. By slasher, we mean she is communications strategy consultant (slash) writer (slash) media trainer (slash) proof reader (slash) voice over artist.. She uses her unique and creative talents and abilities to fulfill her purpose in life and allows these to translate into an income. She is a mother – of – one, based in Johannesburg,South Africa.

Photo credit:: Photo by Mohau Mannathoko on Unsplash


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