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A Day in the life of Emerald Sparks, A Financial Strategist!

Keeping your finances in check as a millennial can be tough! The best time to develop positive financial habits are in your twenties. Emerald Sparks is spreading financial literacy and equipping people to take ownership of their finances.

Emerald Sparks is a financial advisor and columnist for Cincy Chic, the only online women’s publication in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has spoken at various events to spread her mission of financial literacy around the Tristate and beyond.

She is a native of Dayton, Ohio, she graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting. She started her career as an internal auditor, becoming a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), where she specialized in making company’s internal processes more efficient, now; she has decided it is time to ultimately make people better- financially. After leaving corporate America in 2015, Emerald founded both Emerald Sparks Ltd and Jewel’s Dog Boarding and Daycare LLC, to fulfill both her passions, personal and business finance consulting and fur babies. In 2016, Emerald authored a self-help book entitled Vision. Future. Reality: How to Budget like a Boss.

Emerald is passionate about helping individuals and families create their own version of financial freedom through education and literacy, as it has been at the forefront of her life for many years!

She is  amazing and shared her daily routine with us!

A Day in the Life of A Financial Strategist

Content Queen

I wake up about 6-8am to check social media to respond to inquires, create my posts for the day on my platforms, research opportunities.

From there, I decide what I want to communicate on my email newsletter and I draft that, if multiple ideas come to me, I will draft them all and scheduled them to be sent later. I don’t plan my content, I do whatever is on my heart that day to communicate to my followers.

Next, I put together any presentations I need for upcoming speaking engagements. I am most creative in the morning so I make sure I do content and presentations during that time.

I don’t usually eat until 12 because I fast for various important matters in my life.

Master what works for you!

If customers have scheduled Uncovering Sessions, I have those meetings throughout my day. It is usually 30 minutes. My last consultation is scheduled at 4:30pm unless someone makes arrangements to meet after 5pm.

My evenings are reserved for my networking or special events. If I have to attend one I am preparing for those.

Then it’s client work time, I am more technical after 3pm so I am completing client work during this time. I am putting together customized strategies and financial plans for my clients. Now that it is tax season, tax prep and filing falls into this time a lot as well.

“I make sure I get in the bed around 11 because I need rest for my creativity to flow and to be well the next day. I don’t function well on #teamnosleep”

Then, I make dinner if my husband hasn’t and we eat. We eat late at like 8 or 9 so I will usually stop working after that because it is time to wind down for bed and spend time with my husband. I make sure I get in the bed around 11 because I need rest for my creativity to flow and to be well the next day. I don’t function well on #teamnosleep.

That’s my day! If I can’t sleep at night because my brain is working or has thought of something. I am searching the internet about my industry or researching opportunities to expand my reach or speak to my target audience.

What did you want to do when you were younger?

  • I wanted to be an engineer or an architect, but fortunately I had the opportunity to take such a class in high school and I quickly saw that it wasn’t a fit for me.

Did you have a lot of mentors when you were growing up?

  • No, not at all. Most of the experiences I have had with mentors have been lackluster. Sometimes mentors do not know how to be mentors. I would love to have a mentor today so I am still searching for one; however, I have a business coach.

What does being an executive woman of color mean to you?

  • Being an executive women means leading and lifting while you climb. If I am not bringing someone up, sharing resources and creating opportunities for another woman, I am not using my gifts and talents well. We all can win!

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